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Study Suggests Android To Dominate Market Share

April 1, 2011 by Winston Comments Off on Study Suggests Android To Dominate Market Share divider image

The rising popularity of smartphones has brought many to debate who will control the market over the upcoming years, though some will easily suggest that it will be Android or the iOS who dominates the field. A study has recently been issued by ABI Research, and they have suggested that Android will control the smartphone market share within the next five years.

CNET has reported the finding of the study, showing that approximately 302 million smartphones were shipped during 2010, which was an increase of 71 percent over the previous year. The research went on to show that 23 percent of all shipped smartphones were powered by the Android operating system. With HTC, Samsung, LG and other companies all introducing their own Android device, it was no surprise that the OS would eventually gain ground on the iPhone and the BlackBerry OS. Even Symbian has been threatened by the Android OS.

In 2010, Symbian had controlled 36 percent of the shipped market share. Research in Motion controlled 16 percent, while the iOS had a share of 15 percent. The up and coming Windows Phone 7 owned only .6 percent of the market share.

Google’s Android OS is continuing growth, and ABI Research has determined that by 2016 the Android market share will rise to approximately 45 percent. The iOS is also expected to rise to 19 percent, with RiM to control 14 percent of the market share. ABI Research has seemingly ignored HP’s newly acquired WebOS, which could end up coming to more than just smartphones.

HP’s WebOS is going to be released on two new smartphone devices, the HP Veer and Pre3, but also the TouchPad. The WebOS is also set to be added to the the PCs they ship, and even printers. Their mass integration could drive this mobile operating system through the roof, especially considering the enormous power it offers.

The more exclusive operating systems, including BlackBerry, the iOS, WebOS will have to contend with Android’s fragmentation. Being utilized by a number of different companies gives the Android an advantage, in that it has spread across multiple carriers and devices. From the HTC Thunderbolt to the Samsung Epic, Google’s Android OS has grown immensely popular.

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