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Sony Unveils Attachment For PlayStation Move That Functions Like Firearm

December 14, 2010 by Glen Comments Off on Sony Unveils Attachment For PlayStation Move That Functions Like Firearm divider image

The PlayStation Move was introduced with smug dejection by those who call themselves “hardcore gamers,” saying that it is a device more appropriate for casual gamers. In order to alleviate this tension, Sony has introduced the Sharp Shooter, an attachment that will make the move function like a gun for a whole new level of excitement.

The Sharp Shooter will fit the PlayStation move with the lit up globe sticking out to act as a barrel. It will be shaped like a machine gun, looking similar to an Heckler and Koch MP5. It will use, according to a blog post by Sony, both the motion controller and the navigation controller. This was designed as such to give the player “complete control over aiming, movement and interaction within the game.”

Sony’s Sharp Shooter has been designed for precision and comfort, as well as easy accessibility. The responsive digital trigger and adjustable shoulder stock were designed for convenience and comfort. To add to the realism, a pump action, firing mode selector, and a reload button have all been incorporated.

The Sharp Shooter is set to be released along side Killzone 3. Set to be released in February 2011, the controller will cost $39.99. The gun was designed almost specifically for Killzone 3, and it is set to offer “the most realistic action possible.”

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