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Sony Taps The Cloud, Backs Up Save Files For PlayStation Plus Users

March 10, 2011 by Winston Comments Off on Sony Taps The Cloud, Backs Up Save Files For PlayStation Plus Users divider image

Sony’s PlayStation Plus launched back in June of 2010, and it came with a list of extra features that could be added beyond the standard PlayStation Network. Sony, in a blog post, has recently announced the newest feature to the service.

PlayStation Plus subscribers were originally entitled access to some betas, demos, and downloadable content that could not originally be accessed. They would also be able to play trials of games, giving full access to a game for a limited amount of time. The newest feature, however, gives players with the PlayStation Plus package the ability to back up their save files in the Cloud.

According to a blog post issued by Sony, PlayStation Plus users will now be able to access 150MB of space in order to back up save files, up to a limit of 1,000 PS3 game saves. While the PlayStation 3 has failure rates far below the Xbox 360, generally estimated at about 10 percent of all PS3 units, the idea of losing hours of one’s gaming life is near catastrophic.

In order to back up saves, players will have to visit the [Saved Data Utility (PS3)] in the “Games” menu, press the triangle button to bring up options, select copy and choose “online storage” as the destination. This will back up the save files you choose. Prior to this change, players would have had to use a USB key in order to back up save files.

Sony’s incorporation of the PlayStation Plus Network contrasted against Microsoft’s Xbox Live, in that the PSN is free to use while the Xbox Live service must be paid for in order to access the bare minimum. The Xbox Live service has, however, been regarded as more powerful than the PlayStation Network.

A year long subscription to both the PlayStation Plus service and Xbox Live costs $49.99. Single, three, and six month packages are also available for both services.

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