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Sony PlayStation Offers a New Dimension with 3D Gaming

December 9, 2010 by Editor Comments Off on Sony PlayStation Offers a New Dimension with 3D Gaming divider image

Consumer interest in 3D home entertainment is going strong, and as that interest grows, the electronics brands that are supporting the 3D phenomenon are growing with it.  The market has been flooded with 3D HDTVs, 3D ready HDTVs, 3D blu ray players, 3D movies, and tons of elaborate accessories.  We didn’t think for one moment that the video gaming industry would get left out in the cold, and you can always depend on Sony to show up with bells on to get the game on in style!  With 3D technology still being fairly new, it does come with a price.  Even in a tough economy the hefty price tag of 3D components for your home theater and entertainment hasn’t discouraged too many enthusiasts of the new technology.

Sony is of course recognized as a home electronics industry leader, and consumers have high expectations from the popular brand.  They are living up to these expectations when it comes to 3D gaming as the only gaming system on the market that is fully enabled to offer an exciting, full stereoscopic 3D gaming experience.  Recent firmware releases this past summer sealed the deal for the PS3’s 3D functionality, and a very recent software update put in place some additional security measures.

Not only does the PS3 facilitate 3D video games, but they can also play 3D movies as well.  To engage in the PS3 3D gaming experience, you will need the following components:

  • Sony PlayStation 3 Game Console and PS3 3D video game
  • 3D HD TV or 3D Ready HDTV
  • 3D sync transmitter kit
  • 3D glasses compatible with your TV

3D technology is truly revolutionizing home entertainment, and the multi-billion dollar video game industry is no exception.  The 3D video game experience is a treat indeed, and definitely takes the gaming action to a whole new level, with dazzling graphics and effects, and a phenomenal selection of 3D ready video games, Sony has once again set the bar extremely high for the competition.  Explore 3D video gaming at the Amazon 3D Video Gaming Guide to find out more about this amazing new type of gaming experience. To learn more about 3D technology in general and the types of 3D ready products that are available, visit the Amazon 3D 101 Guide.

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