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OTS Guardian Full Face Mask Recalled Over Exhaust Diaphram Problem

March 28, 2011 by Erica Comments Off on OTS Guardian Full Face Mask Recalled Over Exhaust Diaphram Problem divider image

Ocean Technology Systems, working with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, as well as Health Canada, have announced a voluntary recall of the Guardian Full Face Diving Masks.

The company has announced that they are recalling the Guardian Full Face Diving Masks, manufactured by Undersea Systems International Inc., due to potential harm, damages, injuries and death associated with the use of the device. The company has issued a warning on their website stating that approximately 1,700 units in the United States and 80 units in Canada are affected by a design flaw.

The firm has received one report of a disengaged exhaust assembly. Should this assembly come loose, users will be unable to breathe into the 2nd stage regulator. The company has stated that consumers should not, under any circumstances, dive with these masks. They have also provided a link showing how to verify that a properly manufactured second stage regulator has been built into the device.

Consumers are urged to conduct the simple test in order to determine whether or not the regulator is securely fasted. Should the test fail, this device could result in drowning.

The test has been described in detail by the company, broken down into five steps. Step one is to remove the second stage regulator from the mask’s body. On the second step, consumers are to look for the parting line on the second stage housing body. Using this line, consumers should align the exhaust valve slot ports. A marker should be used to make a mark on the parting line. Next, the marked ring must be grasped firmly, rotated approximately 1/4th of a turn counter-clockwise, and finally attempted to rotate past the parting line. If the device jumps past the mark or out of the housing, the device is defective.

Photographs and more detailed instructions are available on the company’s website.

Ocean Technology Systems has offered to repair or replace each of the defective devices. Most of the Guardian Full Face Mask breathing units have been unaffected by the defect.

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