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OnLive Gaming Service Introduces Streaming App For iPad, Tablets

December 8, 2010 by Glen Comments Off on OnLive Gaming Service Introduces Streaming App For iPad, Tablets divider image

Last year, the OnLive gaming service was introduced, surrounded in confusion. The service, using powerful remote computers, was designed to stream games to players instead of forcing them to purchase software. The stream is being redesigned to provide tablet users, particularly those on the iPad, to stream a variety of programs directly to their pad.

The app, which was announced in the D: Dive into Mobile conference, is now live, and iPad users can download it to enjoy a variety of different programs that they would be otherwise incapable of running on the iPad.

The app showcased the ability to run flash based web applications on the iPad by using a live stream from a remote server. These servers use Internet Explorer, based on a live stream, in order to deliver a compressed version of flash in what is expected to be a seamless stream.

The OnLive application on the iPad can essentially run anything that the OnLive server can handle. This includes Flash based and QuickTime video, as well as more powerful programs – including Autodesk’s Maya 3D rendering program.

OnLive’s CEO, Steve Perlman, has made the claim that the remote rendering system is the “fastest supercomputer in the world,” hence its capabilities of performing such feats of streaming.

The demonstration by Perlman at the conference showed that the application can perform at low latency. The Apple iPad app is now available for no charge. The Android app is currently in its beta.

The Samsung Galaxy Tablet is expected to be fully capable of running this app when the beta is tested and released.

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