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Nook Color To Update, Brings Apps, E-mail To Device

March 28, 2011 by Sammi Comments Off on Nook Color To Update, Brings Apps, E-mail To Device divider image

In the past few weeks, “rooting” the Nook Color has become widely popular. Owners of the e-reader had been using kits to put open versions of the Android OS, typically Android 3.0 Honeycomb, on their devices in order to access the full feature list of the software. Barnes & Noble is set to deliver an over the air update that will allow consumers to do something similar without actually having to alter their software.

On Friday, Barnes & Noble stated that they will release a “major update” to the Nook e-reader firmware. According to PC Magazine, this update is set to launch this spring. The update will bring a slew of new applications, as well as e-mail and other features.

So far, a few applications have already been announced. Angry Birds, of course, is on the line up, as is a drawing application, a phrasebook, and Whine PhD.

The Nook Newsstand will also include a number of new periodicals, bringing their magazine count over 135.

Rooting the Nook Color to install alternative versions of the Android OS had offered wide functionality, but the device simply lacks the power of a full-fledged tablet, such as the Motorola Xoom. Users could enjoy the full strength of the Android OS, but it would have been slow. The Barnes & Noble update should give enough to satiate the desires of those who want a more open ended e-reader, all the while providing a stable operating system.

Barnes & Noble’s update to the Nook firmware may even give the device that extra kick necessary to overcome the Amazon Kindle in terms of popularity. Barnes & Noble will still have to contend with Amazon’s enormous collection and catalogue, as well as the commercial power behind the world’s largest online store.

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