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Intel Reveals “Sandy Bridge,” Next Generation Of Core Processors

January 4, 2011 by Glen Comments Off on Intel Reveals “Sandy Bridge,” Next Generation Of Core Processors divider image

Though Intel has only recently released the Intel Core i3, i5, and i7, they have recently announced thy are releasing the second generation of the Core microarchitecture. Code named “Sandy Bridge,” the second generation of Core products is set to be built into desktop and laptops in the first part of next year.

The major advantage that the new Core processors will hold is that of their ability to communicate with other parts of the system and bring unity and synergy to the device on a whole. The new Core processors will bring the memory controller, PCI Express controller, and video functions into the processor die, which means that system performance and the way processes are handled will change drastically – likely for the better.

It is estimated by ExtremeTech that these devices will lead progress toward taking advantage of a larger number of processing cores, as well as using less energy to power these devices.

It is unlikely that the basic user will notice much of a difference, but some who use extensive applications or high end video gaming will notice the increase in power. Those who want to run modern games on the highest settings possible, or such applications as Autodesk Maya, will likely utilize heavier demands on processing power.

Intel, having recently released a six core processor, seems to be taking a lead over AMD, though AMD has been firing back in order to stay ahead of the game. The AMD Fusion line of processors, dubbed APUs, or Accelerated Processing Units, rather than CPUs, are expected to become a large hit amongst those demanding high power in their servers or gaming rigs.

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