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Hide ‘Em & Find ‘Em Easter Egg Toys Replacing Traditional Eggs

March 30, 2011 by Jimmy Comments Off on Hide ‘Em & Find ‘Em Easter Egg Toys Replacing Traditional Eggs divider image

Most people have celebrated Easter with the use of plastic Easter eggs, stuffing money, candy, or other assorted prizes into the little plastic shells in order to send kids off into a field to find these prizes. In order to add to the overall fun of the affair, Techno Source offers the Hide ’em &  Find ’em Easter Eggs that are proving to be a great choice for kids through the Easter holiday.

These Hide ’em & Find ’em Eggs are different from standard plastic eggs in that they contain a small amount of electronics in order to add several features to what would otherwise be a bland, empty shell that is set to be thrown out by the end of the Easter holiday. These come with small electronic devices that will talk to the children as they search for them.

The eggs are designed with six different colors. Blue, green, pink, violet, yellow and orange eggs are all available. When opened, the eggs will reveal a bunny or a chick, which comes with five different spoken messages and three different sound effects. They will motivate the children with a “I’m hiding!” phrase, while they will also exclaim when they were found. The sound effects will act as a queue for children to home in on during there hunt, as well as congratulate them when the hunt is over.

Each of the eggs comes with a few other features, not the least of which is a 30 minute auto shutoff to preserve battery life. They also have a test mode, and are large enough to hold candy or money. Batteries are included in the device.

With Easter right around the corner, parents can be begin to purchase these fairly inexpensively.

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