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Hackers Jailbreak Motorola Xoom Within An Hour

February 28, 2011 by Glen Comments Off on Hackers Jailbreak Motorola Xoom Within An Hour divider image

The February 24th launch date of the Motorola Xoom enticed many users, and gave the hacking community a chance to access the root of the device. According to PCWorld, it took less than two hours to hack into the device’s root to open it up to developers.

Due to the Clockwork Recovery built into the device, developers are now able to create custom ROMs to add what they wish on to the device, which is packed with high powered hardware to make the tablet as smooth as possible.

The recovery program, known as ClockwordMod, is apparently a recovery console used on rooted Android devices that can be used for adding custom ROMs to the device. The mod can be used to make and restore backups.

The coder Koushi has taken credit for the hack, and has even released details on how to hack the Xoom. In the blog post, he explains how users can hack their own Motorola Xoom to add customized ROMs to the device. While the instructions are somewhat complicated and confusing, Koushi has given detailed instructions and a short video on how to prepare the device.

Motorola’s Xoom is easily the most advanced tablet to date. The large 10.1 inch HD widescreen display comes with a dual-core 1GHz processor, which powers Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system designed specifically for tablet computers. A front and rear facing camera have been incorporated into the device. GPS, Flash, Wi-Fi, 3G, and even 4G can be accessed with the device.

The Xoom is currently available through Verizon Wireless, and it can be purchased at a slightly reduced price depending on the contract associated with the purchase. The retail price on the Motorola Xoom is currently set at $999, which has been labeled a point of contention for the device. The Xoom’s primary competitors, the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, are both available with lower prices.

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