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Get Relief for Your Cold Symptoms with a Mist Humidifier

February 18, 2011 by Amber Comments Off on Get Relief for Your Cold Symptoms with a Mist Humidifier divider image

With the cold winter season still underway, colds and flus are becoming commonplace. Not only are the cold temperatures contributing to our misery, but so is the dry air. Research has found that dry air actually favors flu outbreaks and allows viruses to live longer and spread more easily. Dry air also worsens cold and flu symptoms by drying up mucus and delaying recovery. While you can’t control the weather outside, there are ways to make the air in your home a little more humid and comfortable, which will make you feel better from a cold in no time at all.

A great home humidifier is the Crane Drop Shape Mist Humidifier. It provides adjustable mist depending on your needs and, unlike other humidifiers, it is super quiet. It comes in a variety of shapes such as an adorable dog or penguin, Thomas the Train, or even SpongeBob Square pants that are perfect for a nursery or child’s room. You can also get this humidifier in plain white or stylish pink, orange, lime, and white and blue and will easily blend in with your existing décor or wall colors.

Don’t let the stylish colors and shapes fool you, this powerful humidifier has a potent 2.3 gallon output per day and can provide up to 10 hours non-stop mist. You can easily refill the tank in the bathroom sink for maximum convenience. It is easy to wash and has a safety automatic shut off for when the water tank runs out of water. This humidifier will also save you tons of money on your energy bill as it runs on low power consumption.

This highly rated home humidifier promises to provide much needed comfort to your cold symptoms and relief to your allergies and asthma. It will fight dry itchy skin and chapped lips which are common during the cold, dry winter months.

Find Relief for your congested nose and other symptoms with the Crane Drop Shape Mist Humidifier.

Get your Crane Humidifier in a variety of shapes and characters on Amazon for your child at great deals.

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