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DeWalt and Empire Level Ending Private Label Partnership

January 26, 2011 by Winston Comments Off on DeWalt and Empire Level Ending Private Label Partnership divider image

Yesterday, DeWalt and Empire Level announced that they will end their partnership distributing professional box levels that Empire Level created under the DeWalt brand name in 2010.

Empire Level Manufacturing Corporation is an industry leader in developing the most accurate measuring devices including levels, measuring tape etc. In February of 2010, Empire Level partnered with DeWalt to license, design and manufacture their levels under the DeWalt brand name. This lead to the creation of products like the DeWalt DLX10.24 Box Level. DeWalt is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial power tools and accessories in the United States. DeWalt is a brand owned by Black and Decker.

The partnership saw immediate success. Levels were launched nationally after months of development. According to Building Online, the products enjoyed strong sales success.

The merger of DeWalt’s owner, Black and Decker, with Stanley Works lead to the decision to end the partnership. Empire Level is one of Stanley Work’s competitors. Although the partnership predated the merger, the merger created an untenable situation for both companies.

Jenni Becker, the president of Empire Level said “we’re disappointed that this agreement didn’t work out as planned, but we certainly understand that a partner who becomes a direct competitor through acquisition is an untenable situation, and we’re pleased that an amicable resolution has been reached.”

DeWalt’s Jennifer Ervin said, “though we enjoyed working with Empire Level, we’re pleased that we were able to come to an agreement to exit our partnership, which pre-existed the acquisition and was no longer appropriate for either brand.” She added that “Empire Level has been a great partner and we wish them well.”

The merger of Stanley Work with Black and Decker lead to the dissolution of DeWalt and Empire Level’s partnership. Both companies are going their separate ways amicably.

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