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Bloomberg Claiming Verizon iPhone To Launch By Valentine’s Day

December 30, 2010 by Brandon Comments Off on Bloomberg Claiming Verizon iPhone To Launch By Valentine’s Day divider image

When the iPad came to Verizon, it was almost assured that the iPhone would soon make its way on the United State’s #1 network. The subject of rumors is now when, not if, the iPhone will come to Verizon.

According to a report by Bloomberg Businessweek, it seems that the iPhone will likely be introduced to the Verizon network as soon as Valentine’s Day.

The report went on to say that customers are expected to “stampede to the new pairing, leaving AT&T” in order to get an iPhone that is no longer exclusive to what has been rated the worst wireless carrier according to customer satisfaction, as found in a Consumer Reports survey that polled 58,000 readers.

Due to Verizon’s reputation for being the most wide reaching, reliable service, coupled with the popularity of the iPhone, many people will be leaving AT&T.

Bloomberg goes on to state that the introduction of Apple’s iPhone on the Verizon network is expected to come shortly after the Consumer Elections Show, which begins on January 6th.

The damage dealt to AT&T due to customers jumping ship could round out to nearly $3 billion annually. John Hodulik, an analyst at UBS Securities, stated that the blow will not likely be fatal, however, as the carrier could sustain a defection of even 6 million customers, which would amount to approximately $6 billion in lost revenue on an annual basis. This would be approximately 4.8 percent of AT&T’s total projected sales of $126 billion in 2011.

AT&T may experience a temporary saving grace due to the increased price of buying out of a contract, which came back in June of 2010. The price hike brought early termination fees from $175 to $325.

Dropped calls were amongst the most common complaint by AT&T users, which has been attributed to heavy data traffic by iPhone users.

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