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Anti-Virus Protection To Be Built Into Intel Smartphone Chips

March 21, 2011 by Brandon Comments Off on Anti-Virus Protection To Be Built Into Intel Smartphone Chips divider image

The recent attacks against the Android operating system on mobile devices has initiated Intel’s plans to incorporate enhanced security measures directly into the chips of the smartphone. This chip based security is meant to be a response to the rising prevalence of malicious software on the different devices on the market.

Having recently acquired McAfee as a subsidiary, Intel is set to incorporate security features directly into hardware that will provide logical protection measure,s including the detection and blockage of malware, the authentication of users and verification of IP addresses. The cloud-based protection will provide safety to users of the smartphones with these incorporated chips.

“Malware is blowing off the charts,” stated Dave DeWalt, the president of McAfee. “I’ve never seen anything like it. And on top of this, the number of devices is exploding.”

According to Mobiledia, DeWalt stated that there are approximately 48 million types of malware and most of them are stored in software. Working together, Intel and McAfee are aiming to tighten security directly inside the chips of a device in order to make security more controllable. The malware scare on the Android OS, which had compromised a limited number of devices carrying older versions of the Android, had prompted security companies to begin bolstering defenses against malicious coding.

Intel is set to develop tools to remotely clean infected software. Google had done the same through their security updates, though the damage had already been done. They are presumably attempting to make their way into the mobile market, which would allow them to market more chips to Android phone developers, such as HTC and Samsung, with the HTC Incredible and the Samsung Galaxy ranking fairly high.

Apple and Palm devices have been widely ignored by hackers, due to the closed source nature of Apple’s iOS and Palm’s relatively low popularity in the market share.

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