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Advice For Making The Kitchen Experience Better

February 1, 2011 by Erica Comments Off on Advice For Making The Kitchen Experience Better divider image

Most of us tend to stress out in the kitchen. When looking for a particular spice or a place to set an inconvenient lid many people feel stressed out and find the kitchen experience disparaging. This is especially true for people with cramped kitchens.

Life Hacker’s Kevin Purdy put the advice found in Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food by Jeff Potter to the test. Most of us put everything in the kitchen wherever it will go. Following Potter’s tips, Purdy was able to reorganize his kitchen into a far more usable state than it was previously.

Purdy starts with the organization logistics of reordering a kitchen. People should make a list of everything they make throughout the week. People should focus on what they actually make, what they cook it with. What spices and ingredients go into what gets cooked? According to Purdy, Cooking for Geeks suggests “storing your everyday kitchen tools near the food items with which they are most commonly used.”

The advice seems simple enough. People should place the can opener nearest where the cans are stores, pot holders and oven gloves should be placed near the over where they will be used etc. Although this seems obvious, most people do not organize based on function, but rather follow the inclination to store like items with like items. By storing items with like items people end up with drawers or cabinets full of appliances that have nothing to do with one another aside from the fact that they can be plugged in.

Jeff Potter’s book many more innovative tips for getting the kitchen under control and making the kitchen experience more pleasurable. The book experiments with food and cooking while answering questions that many people have had. Cooking for Geeks teaches how to recognize what makes a recipe work so that intrepid cooks can experiment with a recipe without completely missing the mark.

For more advice from Purdy about how he reorganized his own kitchen, please visit

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