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Thank you for visiting Our mission here is to bring our visitors up to meaningful and relevant information about the most popular and exciting products out there. You will have access to current news about all of the latest music, movies, electronics, software, and much more.  As e-commerce becomes more and more of a driving force in our lives, we believe that consumers deserve access to an information source that they can trust to provide them with the most accurate, reliable, and cutting edge news possible, empowering them to make informed decisions with their purchases of goods and services.

We also consider it our job to report to our visitors on new products being released, where to find them, as well as new functions being discovered for existing products.  We endeavor to ensure that you have all the information, data, and options necessary for always finding the hottest new items from the most reliable merchants.  If you find you enjoy your visit with, please recommend us to your friends!!

We have a team of seven dedicated writers whose job is to stay on top of late breaking news stories on the  products that matter most to consumers.  We would like to introduce you to our professional writers who are enthusiastic and passionate about the topics they report on.

Steve – Editor
Steve is our tech savvy editor in chief and brings his extensive knowledge and experience in both the media and e-commerce to the table.  Steve is one of the founders of and has personally developed this site into the no-nonsense news reporting success that it is today.

Jimmy – Assistant Editor
An experienced writer and web designer, Jimmy is passionate about electronics and can’t help but feed his addiction to test out all the latest gadgets, gaming systems, and cutting edge electronics.  We’ve put his addiction to good use as a fine tuned writer on the latest news and happenings in the world of electronics.

Carrie – Assistant Editor
A valuable asset when it comes to researching the latest products. Carrie knows exactly what consumers are interested in because she quite often is one. She has a real passion for getting things right, even down to the smallest detail. Carrie primarily covers new electronics as well as appliances and other items for the home.

An avid sports enthusiast and accomplished journalist, Glen’s passion for writing is contagious as he dives into his work with an electrifying momentum to meaningfully contribute to the information highway.

Curtis comes to us a recent college graduate, who has a fresh and energetic perspective that allows him to bring the news to life in a meaningful and exciting way, demonstrating his commitment to excellence.

Winston is very experienced with the e-commerce arena, and brings both tremendous writing style and a wealth of knowledge to the table, making him an intricate member of our writing team in many ways.

Amber, a mother of three, holds a degree in both marketing and journalism, and brings a vivacious and creative energy to the team, with a level of professionalism and a commitment to quality that ensure her success.

Brandon has one foot in journalism, and the other in investment banking, giving him a unique perspective on the market from both a media and Wall Street point of view.

Erica is a mother and also a small business owner, so she can relate to our audience in a variety of ways, and contributes her insight into the lives of hard working Americans as she creates news worthy stories.

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